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Aerial Hawks LLC is a Part 107 licensed commercial drone services provider that delivers the construction industry valuable services and data which improve project budgets, project timelines, and project safety. At every point in the lifecycle of a project from bidding to warranty and inspection, Aerial Hawks is poised to offer actionable and insightful data. Our pilots are insured up to 500,000 USD and know how to get the realtime data you need without disrupting your project.

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Construction Progress & Monitoring

Project managers, owners, and superintendents all benefit from up-to-date, high resolution photographs and videos that reveal the current status of a project. Stored in the cloud or your project management software, you can use these materials for meetings, marketing purposes, and monitoring. Be informed and make better decisions about what’s happening at your site, even remotely, with low-altitude 4K video and photographs taken from Aerial Hawks’ drones.

Construction Inspections

Quality control and operations managers can use Aerial Hawks’ drone services for visible and infrared inspections on a building that can reveal cracks, movement, and other irregularities. Additionally, a building’s waste heat profile can be determined quickly and inexpensively using thermal imaging on a drone.

Thermal mapping with a drone is more comprehensive than traditional methods and is faster as well.

Construction Drone Inspection
Construction Aerial Mapping and Surveying 2

Construction Aerial Mapping & Surveying

One of the most valuable services we offer is accurate mapping and surveying which can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs. With application to stockpile, QA, safety, or compliance monitoring, terrain cut/fill, and volumetric/distance measurements, mapping/modeling data can provide insights at every stage of a project. However, traditional surveying and mapping procedures can take weeks. In contrast, drone technology can provide the same data within days, at a fourth of the cost.

Construction 3d Modelling

Accurate to the centimeter (0.4in), drone scanning and 3D imaging allows project managers and owners to integrate real-time models into their project management workflow. Implementing real world data and 3D models into software such as AutoCAD allows the virtual design process to plan out a project more efficiently or monitor one in-progress. These results can also be used to measure volumes of stockpiles, check distances, plain cut/fill and grading operations among many other applications. Aerial Hawks’ drones make all of these tasks painless and inexpensive compared to land surveying and ground crews.

3d Drone Modeling for Construction

Why Use Drone Service for Construction?

Due to the usefulness of drones to the construction industry, their use has risen dramatically over the last three years. Construction projects often find themselves over budget and under schedule. However, with the valuable information and data drones provide, they can allow you to close the gap between your projected timeline and reality. Project managers, superintendents, technology managers, owners, and workers can all benefit from integrating drones into the project workflow.

Prevent Theft, Misuse, & Improve Safety

Progress monitoring and inspections also can save money and prevent theft, curb misuse of stockpiles and company equipment, and ensure the safety of workers. Construction theft is widely recognized as a serious problem for companies. Estimates range from $300 million to $1 billion dollars of equipment stolen each year by theft prevention companies such as LoJack. Drones can help prevent theft through facility monitoring. Realtime, comprehensive photographs and video of a construction site allows managers and executives to determine whether equipment is being stored securely and whether gates, fences, and other deterrents are properly installed. Drone video can help project managers plan around roadblocks and barriers such as material storage blocking access to certain equipment, plan cut/fill/excavation operations, compare as-built to as-planned, and other applications.

Monitor Progress

Progress monitoring gives owners peace of mind and lets them stay informed about setbacks or completions remotely. In meetings, aerial footage from drones gives context to issues and possible solutions that need executive decisions. A picture is worth a thousand words when making fast-paced decisions and changing plans that involve thousands of dollars of materials and equipment.


Aerial Hawks’ drones can map a large area with high precision using a mixture of drone mapping and surveying techniques (0.4in/pixel). We provide a thorough mapping solution that works with you to determine what services you need, plan and fly the mission, and deliver 3D point clouds, 3D textured models, orthomosaic maps, and elevation/topographic maps. These cloud-accessible maps provide real-time, actionable, and high-definition information to project managers and stakeholders in energy, utilities, and construction. A 4K bird’s-eye view can provoke questions and provide insights that a simple Google Maps image or public map cannot.