Do I really need drone shots in my real estate listing

You may have wondered “do I really need drone shots for my listing,” or “are drone services really worth it?” Well, we’re here to help you decide today! Here are some common reasons why aerial drone shots are one of the best things you can do for your listing!


With the popularity and growth in the drone industry, it no longer cost $2000 to book a drone to come shoot your listing. Moreover, aerial videos can easily be turned into still shots. With most companies offering drone packages at an affordable rate with quick turnarounds, its a non-brainer to add drone coverage for all your listings.


Beat your competition with unique and compelling aerial imagery and videography. Seeing ground-height photos of a home is not only the expected image potential home buyers expect to see when browsing the internet, but it’s also simple and dull. This is increasingly true for those expansive properties with hidden gems and features that a photo from the driveway simply cannot capture. When someone is ready to buy a new home, you need to grab their attention immediately. Providing them with high-quality evidence of the beauty and unique elements of the home is the way to do just that. Real estate aerial photography will bring your MLS listing from boring to magnificent and the potential home buyers are sure to notice!


Don’t Limit Your Potential. You Must Also Impress Future Home Sellers. In the real estate industry, agents tend to focus on future home buyers when developing their sales strategies, understandably so. But in order to sell a home, you have to gain the trust of a home seller as well. Today’s home seller is smart. They want to get top dollar for their real estate property and they know the more viewings, the better. Buyers often find themselves in bidding wars with multiple people. This is unfortunate for them, but the sellers are smiling. Home sellers are going to go with an agent who they believe will get the most traffic to their property to ensure they get the maximum amount of money they can. If they research your site and see plain, uninspiring photographs, they will move on to the next agent. Real estate drone photography is a sure way to grab their attention.


Everyone knows buying a home is more than the physical plot of land and home you own. It’s the surrounding communities, the parks and playgrounds within walking distance, the beautiful pond that magnifies the rays of sun in the backyard. Aerial photos and drone videography services takes the home buyers on a journey through the listing and gives them the chance to imagine what their life will be like in that home. And you can rest assured that if they like the experience they are having through aerial photography, they will schedule a showing to view it themselves.

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