Why are drone roof inspections better

Have you been considering a drone service for your upcoming inspections? Are you worried about price, quality, or logistics? Fortunately, we’re here to help shed some light on drone roof inspections and the benefits of upgrading your current inspections.


The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends a roof inspection twice a year. Many wise home and business owners adhere to these guidelines. Unfortunately, when there are many property owners clambering onto their roofs for inspection, the odds of injury or damage increase. Wet conditions, steep slopes, thin materials, and previously damaged roofs all pose great risk to any individual performing the inspection. A simple slip or fall can result in serious injury or even death. Furthermore, safely navigating a broad roof takes time.

Many companies and roof inspectors now implement the use of drone video services to enhance the safety and quality of the roof inspection process. Aerial Hawks provides drone inspection services to those individuals who utilize or want to begin using modern inspection practices. From the safety of the ground our FAA-certified drone pilots can capture detailed aerial still shots and drone videos that eliminate the need for dangerous climbing expeditions.


The high-resolution camera on our drones give precise details of the problem areas of the roof in much less time than conventional inspection methods. Without the need to haul ladders, take pictures, and organize for documentation, drone inspections provide higher levels of verifiable detail with high-resolution images. Drone photo services enable every nook and cranny to be inspected in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Finally, aligning work notes with inspections has never been easier! Convert aerial snapshots to diagrams and layouts with call-outs highlights to align notes with verifiable imaging.


In addition to the safety of the roof inspector, wise homeowners are concerned with the safety of the roof. Walking on a roof a few times a year can potentially damage shingles over time. Due to damaged shingles small water leaks easily turn into larger ones. All roofers know even seemingly insignificant roofing damage can eventually lead to issues with the entire roof. This is why aerial roof inspections utilizing a drone can give you the edge against your competition.

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